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What We Do


Practice Areas
  • Natural Resource \ Environment

  • Health Care

    • State and Federal Compliance

  • Public Land Policy

  • Mining

  • Rural Issues

  • Motorized Recreation and Access 

  • Private Property Rights

  • Farming and Ranching

  • Tax Incentives

  • County Ordinances

  • Energy

    • Renewable

    • Traditional

  • Project Planning and  Financing

  • Rural Development

  • Resources & Infrastructure

Swenson Strategies offers many different services tailored to our clients needs. In gerneral we are usually retained to pass or defeat legislation at most any level of government. We have managed large multi-state legislative campaigns, advised both corporate and non-profit boards, crafted and managed public relations efforts, created strategic plans, negotiated purchases such as rights of way and easments, negotiated settlements, managed applications for tax incentives and organized grassroot events such as large rallies or functions for legislators. If you have a problem that government is creating or one that government can help solve; we are the ones you should retain. 

We have succesfully passed and beaten legislation at county, state, and federal levels. We also have managed complex multi-state legislative efforts.

Swenson Strategies has managed very challenging negotiations between our clients and hostile parties. In many cases tens to hundreds of millions of dollars have been at stake. We have efficiently and effectively created and executed strategic plans that have resulted in win-win solutions for all parties.

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