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Michael Swenson
Principal / Partner
Marcie Swenson -
Since our inception, Swenson Strategies
has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality practice.


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Swenson Strategies was formally organized in 2011. We are founded on the values of absolute honesty, professional conduct, genuine relationships and smart strategic planning. We are committed to building real and lasting relationships with our clients, key partners and decision makers. Our success is dependent on maintaining these and other values. We never forget our humble beginings, the important things in life, and that it is our great clients and trusted relationships that make us succesful.


We have succesfully managed, from begining to end, legislation on a wide array of policy matters and large appropriations. From matters such as county ordinances to federal and state law. We have been invovled in tax policy and have succesfully aquired appropriation and funding requests for our clients. We also have managed succesful negoatiations with tens of millions of dollars at stake and brokered deals with hostile parties regarding such things as property right disputes and easements. 


We are comfortable and succesful working in all matters where government communication, policy discussions, and negotiations are needed.



Michael has been working professionally in government affairs since 2004. He specializes in land use policy, rural issues, natural resource issues and conflict\dispute resolution and negotiations.


Michael ran a 12,000 member grassroots non-profit and advocacy organization for over 10 years. He has extensive experience in non-profit management, advocacy, fundraising, grass roots mobilization, and policy analysis.



Marcie is a recent addition to Swenson Strategies. She is a graduate of the J Rueben Clark Law School at BYU. She has years of professional experience in healthcare law and compliance. She has worked as a registered nurse in the emergency dept and ICU. She has worked in hospital administration and most recently in corporate regulatory compliance for a large regional health system.


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